About Us

Group of business people working with laptop at meeting

GM Agency is established by two organizers, who want to share their work experiences acquired in Europe by offering services in global standards. In this context, we aim to represent our customers in the best way and to create a trademark awareness by consumers, that will carry us to success.

GM offers many services including strategy, conception, planning and organization of fairs, promotions and events. Also appropriate personnel for the determined organizations can be provided through our world-wide communication network at any time you need. While we are fullfilling our mission we focus on two main points: Opinion and implement.

We see ourselves as the link between agents and customers. Therefore we work to offer you the most effective services. Our responsible customers, who want to see the trademark integrated with sincerity, are very important for us. We notice those, who possess these characteristics, in the first moment we saw, we adopt them as our customers and we always offer services for them as their working partner.

We are in your service for your fairs, promotions and organisations with our entire staff at any time you need.