Nothing is a problem! Striking, competent, attractive and high quality - Here we define our staff so. We are in your service with our staff at any time throughout the country.


Anyone can give the catering service. But what about a catering service appealing to your taste buds and at the same time filling your eyes with a stylish design? We take this responsibility. You will find much more than your expectations in our catering experts: Rich hot and cold buffets, business lunches, small bread and butter, finger food and surprising flavors. Certainly we have not forgotten the drinks. From mineral water to creative cocktails, a wide range of drink alternatives are waiting for you. Catering equipments necessary for your organizations are provided by us at any time. Tableware sets, tables, chairs, decorative covers and accessories, coffee machines and much more can be found in our decorations.


What if you see your company logo that you see in the official documents everyday, in your presentation organizations or in the entrance of your fair? Your organization colors are the main colors for us. With these colors we design best clothes and accessories for you. Sporty, stylish, sexy or trendy, the choice is yours! Our clothes are designed with the most practical and useful features, because your staff can work successfully and represent your organization in the best way, as long as they can feel comfortable in their clothes.


Our agency providing accommodation services in fairs in Germany, aims to make you feel at home. In the fairs held in Germany we have developed special solutions for both visitors and participants. Some of these are selections for hostels, complete apartments and hotels. We have also affordable and customizable solutions in the GM agency.

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We offer translation services with our professional translators in your fairs and meetings, without forgetting that the right message can only be given with the right words. Words, which play important roles as a bridge in the personal relationships, have also the same function in the business world. Today, as competition and diversity are increasing rapidly, companies can make themselves to be accepted in the industry and reveal their differences in the sector with the right words.   


You know, once you have organized an unforgettable party, it is certain that at your next party expectations and also participation will increase.  Your name has a reputation once. But do not worry, because the GM agency guarantees that your party will be at least as good as the previous one. An impressive place, a lovely music in your soul, eye-catching design and our business experts. Enjoy your time with your guests and leave the rest to the GM agency!


The right artist for your organization? The right person who can take over anyone's eyes? We know that it is not easy to find the right event for an organization. Aiming to find the answers to all of these questions, we offer to our customers broad alternatives from the wizard to the pantomime artist, from the dancer to the singer. You can be sure that in the GM agency you will find what you are looking for.


An organization outside the city where the transportation can not be achieved easily? GM Agency thinks everything for you and also provide the transportation of your guests. You can be sure that after the party all of your guests will arrive home safely with our service vehicles. So, you can feel the pleasure and satisfaction that also the final stage of your party is succesfully completed.