Always smiling, always sincere, calm and cool… Our good-looking hostesses with their superior communication skills and patience will be at your service during the fair. Mr/Ms "VIP-Service", Mr/Ms "Information" or Mr/Ms "Everything". In our staff you will find what you're looking for, fast and reliable.


Roadshow, sales promotion or advertising distribution, it does not matter. Our talented and dynamic organizers know how they can attract customers, regardless of where they are. You can rely on our organizers that do not know what is impossible and that manage to overcome all kinds of problems.


The secret of success is knowing how to do. Our well-trained and friendly product advisors know very well how they can attract your target audience. If you want your products to be presented and exhibited with our qualified sales skills in fairs, trade markets or in various organizations, you can contact us.


In the fairs, meetings and organizations the right message can only be given to your customers with the correct words. We offer you professional translation services with our qualified translators, without forgetting that time is the most precious value. Words, which play important roles in personal relationships, have also the same function in the business world. And today, as competition and diversity are increasing at a great pace, with the correct words companies can make a difference and be the leader of the sector.


What do moderators do? Very simple, they talk to people. But only good moderators can gather people around them, speak beautifully and create the suitable environment which will reflect your products in the best way.

Our models that combines an impressive view and intelligence in themselves, will be an ideal framework to highlight your product or organization. It will be not so difficult for them to present your image with their skills and business experiences.


Cleanliness and punctuality are their most important principles. Our kitchen staff, that always aims to offer our customers their best, are the heroes in the background of organizations. 


The attractive and eye-catching barman behind the counter, should also know all the secrets of a good cocktail. Because only the best ones can deserve our team as a part of your organizations.   


Whether you want to advertise your products or get cooking, a good education is the necessity of all organizations. We educate your staff as well as our own team and equip them with knowledge, so they can overcome all sorts of problems. At the end of this training, you can be sure that the entire personnel will come up to your expectations.


Our security staff include extremely powerful and reliable people. They force people to show the necessary respect, so you can feel confident. Thus, you can enjoy the peaceful environment which you desire.