Fairs and exhibitions are the meeting points for people from all professions and the ideal communication platforms which lead to new business associations. They are also places where the product owners can meet customers, innovations in all areas are exhibited and different perspectives are explored. You will come closer to your goals of success with fairs which you will organize:


Promotion Services

We are opening a new page in our customer service. Unusually, the way of delivering your products to your target audience and promoting your brand with a different concept is “Organization and Motivation.” For this purpose we have developed the following targets with our new understanding of offering services:

GM Agency aims to create unforgettable events for your target audience and for this purpose we are ready to serve our customers in the following areas: Counselling and concept creation, Analysis of the target audience, Provision and organization of necessary equipment, Supply of staff, Animation, Catering, Printing services, Location search, Sound, light and display systems and Logistics.


Organization Equipments

Presentation is everything! “How important was it in the past and how is it today?”

Do you need a classical presentation stand, or a special arrangement with specified details? Looking for a suitable place for your fair, or do you need help in the selection of clothing unique to your company? With our entire staff we are in your service at any time you need for your organizations. GM agent is always with the right equipment at the right time in the right place.

We have been serving in the field of digital marketing and search engine optimization for many years. We are implementing websites that make companies more visible in the digital environment and offer customers a perfect user experience. By integrating the services we provide in up to 28 languages, we contribute to your company reaching international customers.